Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Energy Efficiency Commitment - Utility Grant Funding

The recent publication of the latest results of performance against EEC2 targets by Ofgem showed that the domestic insulation sector in England is already 60% of the total target for the 3 year period, despite only being 15 months into the current programme.

Whether this is due to all the energy suppliers being allowed to carry over excess energy savings from EEC1, the generous initial contributions levered in by utilities into the social housing and private sector markets or the reduction in the original Terawatt hour targets imposed on the utilites, one thing is for sure.

The insulation industry is now on its knees with numerous skilled people and focused resources being put at risk - all this and still the Government appear to be incapable of leading the way on climate change with the biggest opportunity to reduce carbon emissions left hanging in the balance. That is targeting the "fuel rich" as well as the "fuel poor".

With domestic energy prices continuing to increase at a dramatic rate how are we to achieve the necessary energy savings without someone in Government making some key decisions to reinvigorate the market and stabilise the industry?

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At 10:45 PM, Blogger Energy Angel said...

Are there any energy grants available from the Government? I am not in council housing?


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