Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back From Holiday

Hello Visitors

Hope youre all well and enjoying the summer so far.... I have just returned from a week away in Fuerteventura - fabulous place!

On driving from the airport to the town we passed a fantastic wind farm and it brought home that there are some areas where such renewable technologies are vital - shame our own nation (we are after all an island too) isnt so forthcoming in some areas in the same way?!

I know that some of you may say "carbon footprint hypocrite" as Ive flown 3000 miles but I didnt have any holidays overseas last year so I "banked" my CO2 ration as best I could.

I will also be planting new trees in my garden this weekend so again Im conscious of the impacts etc - not got enough space to make up for the trip but "every little helps" as they say at Tesco (and look at how energy conscious they are now becoming in the UK - reduced and improved logistics, use of half the lighting in front of the stores in the daytime, solar panels etc - brilliant!)

The best example I also found on holiday was the hotel and resort where we stayed used over 5500 CFLs in their lighting - every light contained one. This reminded me that at the recent 2006 HECA Conference in Blackpool one of the guest speakers highlighted that the hotel venue could save a great deal of energy and money by adopting the use of CFLs (Hilton Hotel chain). Perhaps Sr Pavinas the hotel Manager in Fuerteventura could teach Hilton Hotels a thing or two? Moreover perhaps Blackpool Council could insist that all the features in the annual Illuminations must in future be comprised of CFLs only ?

Its nice to be home and to reflect on an excellent break - now back to reality! Thanks for reading

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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