Monday, December 18, 2006

Your Own Personal Eco Footprint

Hello my Fellow EECers!

Thats EEC as in Energy Efficiency Commitment ! Trust you are well.

I completed a Eco Footprint quiz today and I was totally shocked at my results. If everyone on the planet lived like I do at the moment then we would need 2.2 planets !!!

I would encourage you to take the same test and then pledge to improve your efficiency - my score collapsed around food and packaging of the food I buy. If Sean (my other half) chucks any half eaten cheese or grapes again I will take him to task! We all buy and then waste far too much food - especially at Christmas. So please think when you are about to buy things that you would never dream of eating at any other time just in case dear Uncle Norman might want to pick at a packet of dates or cashew nuts ! He can do without Im sure you will agree and still be dear Uncle Norman anyway x

Once again my friends - Make Good Choices.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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