Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What A Waste!

Hello My Friends,

Hope you are well.

One of the biggest and possibly most controversial decisions to be made by this Government is to invest some £21 billion into the Trident missile upgrades.

I understand that our country needs to make sure that our National security needs to be upheld. However the present fleet is due to be recommissioned in 2032 - thats a long way off, and the world since Trident was first commissioned has changed so dramatically that is this defence mechanism still valid?

This decision cuts right through the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty that this Government signed - we are supposed to be reducing our nuclear arms capability? So how is this decision valid and how can one support this initiative?

And how hyprocritical of this Government in the stance that they have taken against Iran for their nuclear energy developments - atleast they are putting that technology to a positive use and since when did the UK and the USA become the World's Police?

To put this enormous amount of funding into context, roughly £21billion would provide far more positive results:

60,000 new police officers
100,000 new nurses working in 80 new hospitals
1,300 new schools

And a rough calculation this funding could provide additional Winter fuel payments for the 60+ householders who struggle to heat their homes - up to 2,625,000 households could be assisted with extra funding of £800 per home. Thats their average total annual fuel bill taken care of - free heating for a year for all those homes!

Or a structured additional payment for a smaller amount of homes over a longer period of time.

If you consider the Warm Front grant at the current level of £2,700 allowance, the Trident ringfenced funding could provide assistance to an additional 778,000 households !

All in all, whatever your views on the use of nuclear weapons, how can this decision be allowed to be made without any consultation with the citizens of this country?

I for one am not interested in supporting anything that is simply for the legacy of Tony Blair and to satisfy his pre exit ego. Plus the "enemies" that the UK has are now much more sophisticated in terms of being cluster cells of terrorism, hiding amongst innocent communities, and some of them may unfortunately already be residing in the UK. So would Mr Blair suggests that we point a Trident missile that can cause 8 times the devastation of that of the Hiroshima bomb at towns and cities in this country never mind anywhere else?

Trident should go and so should Tony - and the sooner the better.

Thank you for your visit - please come back soon - make good choices

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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