Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spread The Word About The Bird

Hello There My Friends

Hope youre well - I havent posted an entry for a couple of weeks as I have been away, recouperating after a very stressful period in my life.

I'm nearly there now .... hopefully all will be right in my world soon.

I stumbled upon a great item today and I would like to urge you to sign up to this petition as well as the many others I have signposted on this blog.

The RSPB have a fantastic element of their UK site that encourages people to pledge to save on CO2 emissions and to focus our efforts to conservation of the wildlife and natural species of birds in the UK today. Take one minute to visit and sign up - please !

Consider one example - the plight of the sparrow. When I was a young girl (not that long ago!) I remember there were always lots of sparrows in the back garden of my home swarming all over the grass digging up the worms when it rained. I still see this activity today in my back yard but alas its not the sparrows now - its just the starlings.

In the space of 30 years things have changed to lots of things in so many ways - its quite frightening that despite peoples' good intentions to feed birds during the winter months (and also the summer) some of our favourite feathered friends are in decline.

So visit the RSPB site and sign up - and whilst there, take a moment to listen to some of the fab audio tracks of songbirds and loads of other varieties whilst you are there. The blackbird is particularly good - such a lovely reminder of summer especially on a cold and miserable November evening ! Please spread the word today to all your email contacts and friends to help this campaign.

Take care and please come back again soon

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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