Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Habits Of A Lifetime Report - European Energy Usage Report

Hello There,

Its now the middle of Energy Saving Week - Wednesday. What have you done this week to make your contribution?

Ive filled the kettle on two cups of tea worth of water max, persuaded my other half to remember to switch off his mobile phone charger and turn the Sky receiver off - and Ive been nagging at my friends to turn off lights or not use as many. After all, natural light doesnt show the dust up as much lol !

David Miliband was on Channel Four news this evening - apparently he is keen to encourage incentives for the energy suppliers to sell less electricity and gas to UK consumers. Funny that, I thought that the penalties for not achieving EEC targets would be incentive enough for most?

I bet if more consumers realised just how much of their combined annual energy bills are contributing to EEC, they would soon begin to protest.

A 10% of turnover penalty fine if an energy supplier doesnt meet EEC targets in Terawatt hours - with all the carry over and consultation that is allowed there is no danger and therefore little legislative incentive.

The EST have published an interesting report illustrating the current demographics of our energy use alongside mainland European consumers. It makes interesting reading but its not nearly insightful enough. It isnt shocking enough - its almost as though we are all naughty children - theres good research but not much substance to say what steps can be taken to change those behaviour patterns apart from quoting a behavioural phsycologist on tips to commit to a measure a day ... argghh!! It is as though the EST are frightened to speak out too much ? If they have clearly reported that the main factor behind our careless (or should that be couldnt care less) attitude to energy use is laziness then what can done? Do we need an Energy Angel rather like Super Nanny to change behaviour?

I think it would be interesting to carry out the same poll in a couple of years' time - especially once Mr Blair and Mr Miliband have hopefully made their exits stage left.

Happy reading - enjoy the rest of this week and dont forget to sign up to the Commitment today - email it to a friend - just like those odd chain emails that circulate only this one does really work if you send it to enough people !

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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