Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Save Money This Winter

Hello There My Friends

This is a photo of me taken in Oct 05 at the launch of Bolton MBC's Affordable Warmth Strategy Launch. Bolton have achieved major changes in one year and long may it continue.

Its sadly ironic that this year has been much more of a struggle as the utility funding that was abundant this time last year is now very much reduced. I understand there are small pockets of energy supplier funding around but nothing like some of my customers were able to benefit from last year.

They say time flies when youre having fun !?!

The Illustrative Draft Mix of Measures for EEC3 2008 - 2011 has just been published by Defra. I will post a separate entry about this as I feel its going to be a long one !

(PS the freephone number in the photo doesnt work for this scheme anymore as we changed it to the local EEAC to field calls from householders instead from April 06).

Thank you for visiting and take care

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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