Friday, September 29, 2006

Manchester Is My Planet !

Hello There,

If you live in the Greater Manchester area why not sign up to the pledge - Manchester Is My Planet?

Presently Manchester CC residents are in the lead, closely followed by Salfordians. My Council area (Tameside) is sadly lagging behind in last position in the current running total of pledges. Shameful - come on neighbours please visit the site and sign up !! As a resident and council tax payer, I have had a major issue with Tameside Council who have had plenty of opportunity to get energy efficiency higher up the priority list with offers of support from agencies and local contractors to promote utility funded and Government grants to home owners and private tenants - but to date the offers have been declined - unbelieveable. Instead they opt to allocate a pitiful amount to a scheme that would only offer help to about 200 homes and do very little to raise awareness of energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

At the same time the largest social housing provider in the area has enabled their tenants to benefit from insulation and heating improvements part funded by British Gas and using high quality approved contractors who are local and whose fitters live in the area and are therefore part of the community. We need to address this imbalance so that all homes in the area that are at risk of fuel poverty can be helped.

I understand that the local EEAC are assisting but its Tameside MB Council endorsement and money that is also needed in a joined up approach to tackle this issue, particularly considering the large number of private sector residents who are aged 60+.

So please sign up to the pledge today and do your bit for Manchester and our ten Boroughs.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible to obtain solar panels for my house in the UK? Is there enough sun?

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Energy Angel said...

Hello - yes you can obtain solar panels for your house in the UK - it depends on whether you want to generate power from the solar Photo Voltaics type or if you simply want to heat your hot water only (ative solar thermal)? The costs for these systems differs as does the potential pay back period. In the main, the solar thermal systems that are produced to work in the Northern European region have been thoroughly tested and based upon thousands of installs in mainland Europe. The concept is fairly new to the UK but now prices are coming down and there is substantial Government funding as fuel prices rise, consumers are turning more and more to alternative energy sources. For more info please visit - the Renewable Energy Association website and this page provides more information about solar technology that you might find helpful. Or visit or and follow links to solar pv page - I will post an entry about solar PV shortly to outline the differences more clearly. Thank you for your comment and question


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