Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Home Heat Helpline

Hello There,

I hope youre well. Ive posted quite a number of blogs that mention the EST and NEA, and I also want to add the Energy Retail Association to the list.

In October 2005 the Energy Retail Association set up the Home Heat Helpline to provide one central point of contact for help and advice on paying fuel bills. Research has found that 75% of vulnerable customers did not know where to turn if they were struggling with their energy bills [Ofgem 2005]. It also showed that only 33% of people would consider approaching their energy supplier [Ofgem 2005] even though 75% of people are worried about their bills [EST 2006].

The Home Heat Helpline is part funded by all six energy suppliers and is a valueable resource set up to help signpost and support customers who may have difficulty paying their fuel bills.

The Home Heat Helpline is a free, central phone number offering practical energy advice for people concerned about paying their energy bills. To get your advice call 0800 33 66 99 and speak to one of the specially trained advisors. You can call yourself or on behalf of a relative, friend or patient or some you may be concerned about. The Home Heat Helpline is open 9am–8pm Monday to Friday and 10am–2pm on Saturdays. The minicom number is 0800 027 2122.

There are some useful tips about ways to save energy on the website - however there is no actual mention on the site of any grants towards installing energy saving measures in the home?

However there are links to all the utilities, the NEA and some charities who can give advice and assistance.

If you know someone who could benefit from this service please pass on the details. You can also get free and confidential advice from your local Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (0800 512 012) and a range of local installers who are endorsed and approved contractors with various energy suppliers and local and central Government schemes who can offer free surveys to identify what measures could be added to your home to help you save money on your fuel bills.

If you need further information please drop me a line and thank you again for your visit today.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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