Monday, September 18, 2006

Energy Efficiency Commitment 3 - Consultation

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For those of you who may be interested in participating in the Consultation with Defra on the proposed content of the new EEC 3 programme it is interesting to note that there are rumours that this scheme could be changed to help fund new electricity power stations. And we all thought the EEC was created to primarily reduce consumption ?

The Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Act 2006 permits the inclusion of microgeneration as a legitimate area of expenditure under EEC.

The Government's new consultation paper goes beyond the options offered by the Act and it proposes that large scale measures for increasing the amount of electricity generated using low emission sources or technologies could apply to EEC. Perhaps such large scale measures could include off shore wind farms, or even nuclear stations?

Another important element being considered is how energy suppliers might change the behaviour of consumers in relation to their use of energy. Such measures to alter the behaviour may also count as part of the savings targets. I believe this is a positive step and one that should not present such a huge challenge as we see a news item about climate change or energy efficiency related stories almost on a daily basis.

Its about how people relate energy efficiency to their household income - the hook is the direct link between installing measures, changing behaviour and saving money. In tandem you will also save carbon and help to reduce emissions.

So hopefully EEC3 will encourage the energy suppliers to look at more creative and innovative methods to implement measures into households. However unless their is significant change in the proposed scores for individual measures, there is a danger that an early take up of the programme would be unlikely by the six energy suppliers carrying the EEC obligation.

The more people that contribute to the consultation, the better. For further information please email

The proposed scores for each measure that counts towards an EEC target post 2008 are apparently due to be published later in September 06. Most energy suppliers are waiting for two main factors to be announced - the priority group target split and the scores for measures.

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