Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Heat Is On

Hello There Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog - Ive had over 600 visitors so far and some return visits which is great. I will try and continue to keep you entertained and share information.

With funding from Npower, The NEA (National Energy Action) have published one of the best promotional tools to highlight energy efficiency that I think this industry has seen to date. The Heat Is On DVD is simple, informative, concise and its available with a soundtrack that includes 15 different languages. There is also a VCR tape version for customers who use British Sign Language. What a brilliant idea - as I understand it from one of the launch events earlier this year, this DVD and VCR tape are not under copyright restrictions so they can be reproduced ad infinitum and so theres no excuse for anyone involved in this field not to have a copy as part of their staple "toolkit".

I will try and upload the DVD onto my blog in the near future - in the meantime if you would like a free copy please contact the NEA via the details on the web page link.

TTFN - take care

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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