Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vote Solar And Lots Of Wind !

Hello Readers,

I have been rummaging about on the internet today and stumbled on a gem.

Vote Solar - this is aimed at the American consumer but what a brilliant idea!

Its about bringing solar technology into the mainstream. Im going to get in touch with them and find out more so watch this space...

There are case studies showing how solar and energy efficiency measures have reduced costs and carbon emissions. I wonder if we could create a similar network for the UK ?

I particularly like the fact that the organisation is run on a not-for-profit basis and appears to be very community centric. People helping people.

On a more local note, its been announced today that planning permission has been granted to install a large scale wind turbine at the site of the Eastlands Manchester City FC stadium. The turbine will be one of the tallest installed in Europe and as well as generating power for the stadium, up to 1000 surrounding houses will also benefit from the energy this will provide.

Just up the road from the Eastlands stadium is an area called Harpurhey - the most deprived ward in England. Lots of householders in the area are at risk of fuel poverty and so this initiative will hopefully pave the way to help more and more homes benefit from renewable energy sources. I know Manchester City Council are very keen to use new technology in this way and so are some of the local social housing providers I work with like Eastlands Homes and Northwards Housing. Solar PV, solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, micro CHP units in the new build developments are all on the agenda alongside more "traditional" measures like improving insulation and upgrading heating systems.

Fabulous architects and developers like Urban Splash are also keen to look at how renewables can be used in some of their plans. Recently I helped them to look at specifying mini wind turbines in a new development in Salford but unfortunately the supplier couldnt get the product ready in time for the first phase and so the entire opportunity fell through. Talk about frustrating - one fantastic opportunity hits the skids - but I hope there will be more chances in the future.... perhaps with an alternative product and supplier !

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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