Monday, October 02, 2006

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

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Still on the renewable technology theme, I would like to talk about The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme that has been set up in conjunction with the Inland Revenue, DEFRA and the website is produced by the Carbon Trust.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA Scheme) enables businesses to claim 100% first year capital allowances on investments in energy saving technologies and products. Businesses are now able to write off the whole cost of their investment against their taxable profits of the period during which they make the investment.

Enhanced Capital Allowances will encourage businesses to invest in low carbon technologies.

There is an Energy Technology List comprising of approx 9,000 products that meet Government prescribed energy efficiency criteria and its this list that companies are encouraged to check when considering purchasing energy efficiency equipment. To qualify for the ECA the product must be on the Energy Technology List.

There is also a virtual exhibition hall where consumers can view the products and some of the suppliers that are on the Energy Technology List.

And if you go onto the DEFRA website check out David Milibands blog !

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