Monday, October 02, 2006

Save Your 20%

Hi - hope you are well and have had a good day.

In preparation for Energy Saving Week promoted by the EST, I have signed up to the commiment to save my 20%.

I have added a picture of my favourite place in Scotland and also a photo of my Dad in his favourite place (with his favourite tot of whisky inside him last year)!

I would encourage all my friends to sign up to the commitment and help to each save atleast 20% of energy in the home. Its a great way to spread the word and helps everyone see how easy it is to save money and energy and carbon - and ultimately the planet and the places we love.

Please sign up and add your photos - you have to register on flickr and upload your images which can take some time - otherwise you can pick a photo from the flickr site and leave a message.

Take care - come back again soon and thanks for reading and hopefully supporting the EST campaign.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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