Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Are You Doing It?

Hello There,

Simple question - are you saving energy this week? Are you saving your 20%?

Have you lobbied your local MP via the Friends of the Earth website (it takes two minutes and sources your MP for you) ?

Have you signed up to the Inconvenient Truth forum?

Have you signed up to the Green Building Forum?

Have you walked somewhere this week instead of taking the car?

Do you care? You should !! Think about your older neighbours and relatives - how can you help them to be warmer this winter and save money on their fuel bills. How can you make sure they arent spending their winter fuel allowance payment on Christmas presents for the grandchildren?

Think about some of the children you may see on their way to school. The ones who look tired and pale might not be on drugs - they could be suffering from the effects of fuel poverty and I have seen how this can manifest itself first hand - its harrowing.

JUST DO IT - do you know that if we beat fuel poverty the NHS could save over £1billion on treating illnesses that are exacerbated by this issue. Peoples lives would be saved, positively changed and our communities would be engaged in communication via local incentives to promote energy efficiency.

On a lighter note, one top quality local installer who is working with a large SHP has introduced a very unusual way to improve access rates on the scheme. More of that on a new posting coming your way soon.

Thanks for reading and now get on with it !

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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