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Change To £300 Warm Front Heating Rebate Scheme

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I have just received a copy of the September bulletin from Warm Front Team.

I noticed that there appears to have been a change in the process in terms of installers who can be involved in the scheme - that will be music to some ears but not all !

I have taken an extract from the actual bulletin for you:

The WF £300 Heating Rebate Scheme went live on 14 August 2006 and is open to all householders aged sixty or over who are not in receipt of a qualifying WF benefit and who have either no heating system or one which is inoperable.

The Networking Team have been busy collating your queries on the scheme, with answers provided below. If you have any further queries please contact your local Networking Team representative or download a copy of the updated Stakeholder Guide at

Q:Will the WF contractors working on the scheme be working to an approved schedule of rates or is this a private arrangement?

A:Although the £300 Heating Rebate Scheme is part of WF, it is dealt with as a separate scheme and, therefore, it is not limited to WF registered installers, nor do WF prices apply. Any installer who is registered with Corgi, Oftec or NICEIC is able to sign up to the scheme. Any work carried out is a private arrangement between the customer and the installer concerned, with the price charged determined by the installer. It is for this reason that we supply customers with a randomly generated list of six installers working in their area and advise that quotes are obtained from more than one installer.

Q:Are all WF installers registered on the scheme?
A:WF installers are not automatically registered on this scheme, they must apply in the same way as any other installer at

Q:Is the fact that there is no heating, or that an existing system is broken, checked? Is there a survey?
A:No survey is completed at the time of application and we do not check that no heating is present in a property. All installers who register are made aware of the rules of the scheme and should confirm that the client’s circumstances meet these prior to proceeding with an installation.

Q:Can an installer make an application on behalf of a householder?
A:No. The householder must apply themselves, usually through the Warm Front Contact Centre on 0800 316 2808. It is the responsibility of the installer to confirm that the customer has a valid voucher prior to commencing with an installation.

Q:What is the timescale for the processing of voucher applications?
A:We aim for the letter and voucher to be issued within two working days of application. Vouchers are valid for three months from the date of issue. It is possible to reapply for the scheme if the voucher expires, although this is subject to funding being available.

Q:Can a householder apply retrospectively?
A:No, retrospective claims cannot be made.

Q:Is the voucher issued per property or person?
A:Vouchers are issued per property.

Q:Will repairs be carried out in privately rented properties or do standard WF rules apply?
A:Repairs, replacement and new installations can all be carried out in privately rented properties.

Q:Is Landlord Permission required? If so, how should this be obtained?
A:Landlord permission is required prior to the commencement of works. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain this permission and show written proof to the installer before work can proceed.

Q:Is there the opportunity to use a preferred local installer?
A:Customers can specify a preferred installer at the time of registration. If this installer is not already registered, they should do so at prior to any work going ahead.

Q:If a WF eligible client does not want to wait for an installation to be carried out at standard WF timescales, can they apply for the £300 scheme?

A:No, if a customer is eligible for WF they are not eligible for the £300 Heating Rebate Scheme. To be eligible for the £300 Scheme, a customer must not be in receipt of a qualifying WF benefit.

Q:How are the installers selected to go on the letter? Do we select them randomly?
A:The letter issued to the customer lists the names of six installers who work in their area and who carry out installations using the appropriate fuel type. The details of these installers are randomly selected from those who have registered. If there are less than six installers for the customer’s particular fuel type, the names of all the installers will appear on the letter. If the customer has advised us that they have a preferred installer, and that installer is registered for the scheme, their details will be included alongside five randomly generated companies.

So there you have it - Im not sure if the Q&A re the private rented accommodation and repairs is about the £300 scheme so you may chose to ignore this or refer to it if you are looking at the regular Warm Front scheme guidelines.

Hope this helps to clarify some points for you - any comments please get in touch.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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