Monday, November 06, 2006

All Social Housing Providers Beware !

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Just a quick note to warn RSLs and SHPs in the North West that I understand there are some "second tier" (second rate) insulation contractors that may be attempting to sign up social housing tenants for work under a utility funded priority group EEC scheme using assessors or canvassers to door knock the residents but then trying to actually install the measures WITHOUT landlord's permission.

If you find this is an issue that you may have experienced or be facing at the moment then I would strongly encourage you to take action.

There are several ways to combat this fraudulent and aggravating activity:

Find out the name of the installer and report them to the NIA if they are a member
Complain to the energy supplier or managing agent that is running the utility funding for the scheme
Inform the installer that if they attempt to install measures without permission that you will take legal action
If you already have a programme and approved installer in place that will be using clear approved methods of identification (ID badges and approved letters with company logo and contact names) report the unapproved installer's activities to the local Police Crime Reduction Officer as bogus callers
Remove the offending installer from any future tender list

I understand that such incidents of attempting to generate work are on the increase particularly in Bolton, Bury and Manchester. I would support any action that any SHP or ALMO takes to prevent this type of referral generation, as the other trick that may be used is to approach the local housing office and ask them for permission rather than contact the correct people at the SHPs head office. Believe me this kind of activity can cause chaos and disruption and your local housing officers should be made aware if you have a planned approach that this sort of "back door" route wont be approved.

I hope this helps you to prevent your organisation becoming a victim of such sneaky and disingenuous activity and if I can help or provide any more advice by all means do get in touch. I can name and shame the contractors involved but its doutbful that they even care.

Enjoy your week.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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