Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Warm Homes Campaign

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How are you ? Well I hope.

Just a reminder to all my visitors that the NEA will be promoting Warm Homes Week this month.

I took part last year with Dr Brian Iddon MP in Bolton - the couple we visited were lovely and really happy with their new heating system and the difference the insulation measures had made to their semi detached house in Bolton.

The NEA have created a promotional toolkit on PDF that gives some example press release formats so if you are considering such an event then by all means use this opportunity to help you get increased coverage.

The previous year I was due to meet Patsy Carlton MP at a property in Heaton Moor Stockport. I wish now that I'd had the priviledge to meet such an admirable woman - life is indeed too short. Unfortunately the householder decided they didnt want to take part in the publicity arranged by the NEA so we had to cancel hence I didnt meet Ms Carlton.

The NEA are keen to promote the Powergen CaringEnergy scheme - a funding pot of £100million dedicated to vulnerable people who may benefit from energy efficiency measures (insulation), energy advice, information about tariffs and a free Benefits Entitlement check.

Im sure as well as providing assistance, this is also a great method of generating the priority group numbers for insulation measures against their EEC targets particularly in the private sector - I just hope that the people who they can help also get signposted to the Warm Front scheme and its notable equivalents for other measures and assistance. People you can call me cynical, but Ive seen how these things can be manipulated (particularly by some of the programme managers and some of their more celubrious installers)!

Why doesnt the NEA take part funding from each one of the energy companies rather than have just one single utility as a funding partner ? Or is that because only Powergen can support the Warm Homes Campaign - it was Npower last year (Ive still got the sweatshirt) ? Its certainly not a criticism, its a genuine question.

I hope that you are encouraged to take part in the initiative which is scheduled to be promoted towards the end of November with specific MP events scheduled for the last week of November through to 4 December.

Just hope that any Conservative MPs involved dont have the same attitude to climate change that Nigel Lawson so obviously aired on Newsnight last night - it was shameful!

Im off out for a road run tomorrow evening - 3 miles around the West Lancs countryside as part of my stress-busting regime. If I survive (lol) I will be back soon to keep you entertained (and hopefully), informed and inquisitive.

Thanks for your time - take care

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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