Sunday, October 29, 2006

Professor Nick Stern - Climate Change Report

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Hope youre well and hope you have enjoyed weekend. I hope you did your bit for Energy Saving Week? If you did, thank you and well done.

If you didnt, its not too late to change your habits and make a commitment - pay it forward. Hopefully it wont ever be too late?

Professor Nick Stern's report on Climate Change is published tomorrow (Monday 30 October 2006). It contains Professor Stern's forecast on the likely outcomes of climate change if we as a species dont alter our attitude and change our ways. Everyone included.

The report is likely to be shocking, perhaps some would say frightening? Some sceptics are bound to say it is fanciful and incorrect. However I bet they dont gamble either.

News reports today have indicated that Professor Stern's predictions include the following risks:

Over 40% of the worlds wildlife species facing extinction
Up to 20% of the world's GDP at risk
The largest period of recorded global recession to date
Up to 200 million people displaced due to flooding and natural disasters

I look forward to reading the full report - hope you do too and I will post a summary later this week. Look forward to your comments.

It would also seem that at last Mr Miliband may be developing some strength - taking the Conservative's idea on a policy of a green tax (especially as a recent poll said that 33% of people questioned said they would vote Conservative now that the climate change issue is one of the top priorities of the Conservative Party agenda). I truly hope that if nothing else to the general population, Mr Stern's report ensures the topic gathers pace much more quickly - and someone who can legislate takes note.

Its the latest buzz word or catch phrase - nothing wrong with that ! I dont particularly care which political party (with the obvious exception of the BNP) takes the lead - who ever jumps on this bandwaggon - as long as actions match words.

Enjoy your week - come back again soon

As my friend Mandy says "Make good choices" !

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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