Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Code For Sustainable Homes

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As promised, some more information on the forthcoming new code.

Code for Sustainable Homes

On 13 December 2006, the Code for Sustainable Homes - a new national standard for sustainable design and construction of new homes was launched.

Code for Sustainable Homes - A step-change in sustainable home building practice (PDF 264 kb)

By integrating elements of this voluntary Code into new homes and obtaining assessments against the Code, developers will be able to obtain a ‘star rating’ for any new home which will demonstrate its environmental performance.

It will provide valuable information to home buyers, and offer builders a tool with which to differentiate themselves in sustainability terms.

The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched as part of a package of measures towards zero carbon development, including an overaching consulation: Building A Greener Future on the shift to zero carbon; and a consultation on the draft of a new Planning Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change.

Full Technical Guidance on how to comply with the Code will be published in April 2007.

Communities and Local Government (then ODPM) carried out a public consultation on the code between 4 December 2005 and 6 March 2006. The consultation document, summary of responses to the consultation and the Regulatory Impact Assessment can be viewed on the Communities and Local Government website.

Make Good Choices my friends!

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