Sunday, February 04, 2007

Your Wellbeing

Hello There My Friends,

I hope you are well and able to get out and about and enjoy this refreshing weather - beautiful sunrise this morning.

I know I watched the sun come up as we had an unexpected visitor call on us at 5.55 am today. I woke up and heard a scratching sound coming from downstairs, so I got out of bed, didnt switch the landing light on (never do in case it wakes Sean up) and I went down the stairs. As I got to the bottom I could see the front door and the letterbox was moving - as if someone were trying to put something through it?

Then I realised it wasn't something coming in - it was a bunch of keys trying to go out !! Instinct took control and I simply grabbed the keys as they were about to be pulled through the letterbox to outside. I could see there was a person stood right at the door and I heard him say "F**K!" as I snatched the keys back inside.

I went to unlock the front door as Sean had now woke up too (Sean thought I was going out for a first daylight run) and as I unlocked the door the man was slowly walking away from the house up the driveway past Sean's car. I opened the door and he started to run - but not before I had seen the whites of the bastard's eyes and yes folks I would recognise him again in an instant.

He ran down the street only as far as about four houses away and then walked and looked back in my direction. I walked up the driveway onto the footpath and Sean followed me out - both of us in our bare feet and scruffs! It was really frosty last night as you may know!

The thieving git stopped at the end of the street and stood there watching us - Sean shouted "Oi!" (why is it when you are under duress you can never think of anything good to say??!) and he simply walked away around the corner onto the next main road.

We went back into the house - I recovered myself and made a strong cup of tea before I went back to bed - I was shaking with fear and anger.

I couldnt rest so I got back up and returned downstairs. I went outside and checked that our cars were okay and noticed that there were handprints all over Sean's car and mine in the frost. The back garden wrought iron gate was open and so it was obvious that the shitbag had also been around the back of the house. On first light there are clear footprints in the frost on the grass and on the decking.

So Im sitting here now waiting for the police to arrive - hopefully before the frost thaws out.

It would appear that the scrote knew what he was about. We have a small hall table and USED TO (not anymore!) keep our keys in a ceramic pot. The table must be a good six or seven feet away from the door. There are scratch marks on the pot as well as the wall and also indents on some letters that were on the table. There is also a hole/gap in the draughtproof brush strip inside the letterbox.

So thieving git had probably poked a wire or hook through the letterbox and managed to grasp the keys and was trying to remove them via the letterbox which is what woke me up (I thought it was the cat as she had been out all night!)

So atleast nothing was stolen and the cars are safe. Why is it that if you work hard, pay your dues, and then want to have a nice car and nice home this sort of person wants to take that away? Drugs, money, habits - I'm sorry but I have no bloody sympathy whatsoever and if the bleeding hearts brigade out there think I'm harsh then tough. We have lived here for over 7 years and never once have we experienced anything like this - perhaps it was just our "turn"?

Fortunately we have an excellent security system and good neighbours so I will make sure they all know what has happened today.

Well time for me to assist our boys in blue (and girls sorry!) - take care, enjoy your day and unlike the tw*t that tried to take our hard-earned possessions and ruin our weekend, make good choices my friends!

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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