Monday, January 22, 2007

"Nigel" Hill

Hello My Friends - hope you are well.

Ruth (my personal trainer from Hell) took me out today in the freezing cold of Bamber Bridge near Preston and we went on our first proper training session and completed a 10.74k run in just over 58 minutes. I have to say people my lungs and heart nearly burst taking on a steep hill that we have affectionately named Nigel Hill - but no connections to the fabulously talented Damon or other Nigel Hill's that may also be equally as skilled. No my Nigel is talentless and totally grey - and my vivid imagination gets me striding up a 1:3 hill climb with this particular "Nigel" in a state of undress with his bare flabby pock marked pasty white bum sticking out ready for me to kick!)

Ah the adrenaline !! Thanks Nigel, you make my day (punk).

Anyhow we arrived back at chez Tillbrook and I was suitably shattered but proud that in less than 3 weeks since almost dying of heart failure from medical negligence (yes folks its still being investigated - next week should see the standard 4 week NHS complaints process churn out an outcome) I managed to run the farthest I have been outdoors in a long while.

Thanks Ruth - youre a cowbag out there when you push me on but I love ya babes! x

I will post the article as featured by the local paper if they still have it on their website - excuse the corny photo - they made me pose with the bad pills !

I'm off to bed now - nice small glass of red vino and a turn of the audio book on me Ipod - listening to Sheila Hancock's recollections of her fantastic life with John Thaw - captivating

Make Good Choices Ruth! (and no more Nigels before the 20th May Great Run in Manchester please!) Hence the photo of David Milliband - I can rename the next hill but use the same imagery perhaps .... TBC !

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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