Monday, January 22, 2007


Hello There My Friends,

Hope you survived the awful winds last week - we even had snow last night (Sunday) - around 1 1/2 inches dropped over an hour - it was great for the local kids - our nieghbours daughter (Erin who is 3) looked like a pink marshmallow in a wooly hat in her little snowsuit!

Can You Ease Your Guilt About Flying?

Treeflights At Treeflights they only do one thing ~ plant trees for people who fly – and, for the New Year, they have produced some photographs to show how their work is progressing in the Welsh Mountains.

Tom Collecting from the Spindle TRee.

If you have to fly, in just a few hours you will burn up hundreds of litres of a non-renewable resource that it took the earth (and the sun) millions of years to make. On top of this there will be CO2 production – the main culprit for climate change. As Treeflights puts it: ‘there’s no way of avoiding it, flying is inherently environmentally destructive and we shouldn’t do any more of it than we have to’.

Instead, Treeflights says planting a tree is an ecologically constructive thing to do, because trees use the sun’s energy to absorb CO2, taking it out of the atmosphere (where it’s really harmful).


There is of course a problem: trees take ages to grow. Treeflights acknowledges that ordering a tree is not a quick-fix or easy salve to a travellor’s conscience, and a flight will not suddenly become ‘carbon neutral’. However, Treeflights argues that the tree they plant for you will make a significant and positive difference, over time, to the atmosphere.

First Tree

Persuaded? If so, click here to find out more about this ‘carbon neutral’ initiative, and to view more pictures from the gallery. It can cost as little as £10 to have a tree planted.

Make Good Choices

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They sound ethical to me!

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Energy Angel said...

Thank you my friend - I am persuading as many people as possible who I know to get involved with Treeflights. This year's HECA Conference is being held in Belfast. The vast majority of attendees and exhibitors will probably fly there - so that could potentially mean atleast 500 trees worth if each candidate contributed a tree !

If you know anyone who is attending please prick their conscience hard about this as an excellent method of negating (or reducing) their carbon footprint please.

Kindest regards


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