Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why Isnt Ken Making Good Choices?

Hello There My Friends

You will note from the last posting that npower are the official energy suppliers to the new Wembley Stadium. Thats all well and good if they have been put through an open and robust tendering process as a large proportion of the funding for this stadium has come from the public purse.

The LDA is one of the stakeholders in the project.

Why then are npower being allowed to offer free tours to the new stadium but ONLY if you sign up to have them supply your gas and electricity? Why isn't anyone allowed to have a tour regardless of their choice of energy supplier?

This is wrong on so many levels and smacks of abuse of position - I understand that companies sponsor sports events, buildings, etc for promotional purposes but to use this particular project in such a way is a fundamental breach of all the things I thought Ken Livingstone held close to his heart?

Has Red Ken sold out ? Or is he no longer able to make good choices? I hope its neither of these and simply an oversight as this decision is a bad judgement call unless all the other energy suppliers are also going to be allocated tickets to the stadium tours?

Its a public building built using £21million of LDA public money - so any tax payer should be entitled to visit and enjoy a free tour and not have to sign up to anything beforehand.

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