Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth - Poignant Summary

Hello My Friends

I am happy to be here to write to you today - I was put in grave danger on New Years Day and my life was at risk. However thanks to the excellent care of A&E staff at Tameside Hospital and the paramedics who attended my home within 15 minutes of the emergency call, I survived.

You may see the story in the local press next week - I have been interviewed today. However this is not about self publicity, its about saving more people from the dangers of GPs who are allowed to practice in this country but who may not be able to communicate or adminster medication correctly as a result.

Anyway, I'm well on my way to recovery now and I thank everyone for their support, especially my close friends and family who were outstanding. I never want to see my Mum and Dad that terrified again and neither my partner Sean who was simply fantastic and stalwart. Thats why I have complained and gone to the press - to stop anyone else potentially being put at risk in the same way.

I will keep you informed of the developments of the investigations.

So I'm housebound for a few days and anyone who knows me will know how hard it is for me to sit still for more than ten minutes !! But I managed to settle long enough today to put on Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" at last. It simply grabbed me and I didnt move apart from taking notes and quotes from the commentary.

I would urge anyone who has not seen this film to atleast give it 20 minutes in before turning away - I have to confess the "jury was out" with me in relation to Mr Gore beforehand and I was a tad cynical about his intentions, but having now seen the entire film I have totally changed my mind and truly think he is passionate about the moral implications of climate change and not simply the political ones.

Some poignant quotes from Al Gore from the film for you to consider:

"Ultimately this is really not a political issue so much as a moral issue. If we allow that to happen its is deeply unethical".

"I had such faith in our democratic system, our self government. I actually thought and believed that the story would be compelling enough to cause a real sea-change in the way that congress reacted to that issue. I thought congress would be startled too .... and they weren't".


Until I saw the film I didnt know that Al's son had been involved in a serious accident when he was only 6 years old. He was hit by a car and was in hospital for over a month - he was on a life support machine for days but he was a "fighter" and eventually began to breathe on his own again.

Recalling this time, Al Gore says "The possibility of losing what was most precious to me I gained an ability that maybe I didn't have before? But when I felt it, I felt we could really lose it - that what we take for granted might not be here for our children".

"An Inconvenient Truth" published in 2005 - please watch this film and make good choices my friends.

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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