Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mrs Simpson

Hello There My Friends

I have finally managed to persuade one of my close friends to phone up and get a free Benefits Entitlement Check - we used the Eaga service as I know that from past experience they do indeed provide a good service for this facility and the people assisting have had detailed training on the system and customer service.

After around 10 minutes, we discovered that Mrs S is able to claim Pension Credit and also Council Tax benefit - brilliant ! Thats an additional £884 per annum on Pension Credit and almost all the Council Tax bill will be paid for out of Mrs S's hard earned taxes etc - good eh?

It gets better though - they will also look at how the extra income may be back-dated (Mrs S is 88 years young after all and never claimed any benefits before in her life) and also the process identified some benefits that will now mean that Mrs S can be "passported" onto the Warm Front grant. Considering that Mrs S's existing heating system should be in the V&A on display by now and her ludicrously expensive fuel bills recently there is also plent of opportunity to save more along the way too?

I have to call Mrs S tomorrow explain how Big Bros isnt going to come and visit her and that she is not doing something bad or wrong - more that she has paid into the "pot" all her life and its her turn to take something out now (like a post office savings account). I am delighted that she is going to be better off, reep the benefits of a new heating system next Winter and be much more comfortable in her home.

Surely that is what being in this industry is all about ?

Make Good Choices

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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