Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wellbeing Part II

Hello There My Chilly Bon Bons

As part of my recovery from the recent near death experience (acute anaphylaxis) I visited a holistic therapist last weekend and had THE most fantastic Indian Head Massage ever !

Sarah Warran, who I discovered lives opposite the rear of my house, is a qualified Holistic Therapist and her company is called Wellbeing Holistics, specialising in Alternative Therapies like body massage, reflexology and Indian head massage.

I have taken this opportunity to outline what Sarah does and can vouch for how fabulous she is:

Body Massage - this can be used to promote general well being, enhance self esteem, help break down tension knots that occur in the back, neck and shoulders. Also this treatment boosts the circulatory and immune systems and creates a feeling of well being and helps relaxation.

Reflexology - the feet are a mirror of the body. Pressure placed gently on specific reflex points can be used to treat the corresponding areas of the body, in order to stimulate natural healing power and well-being. By working on these reflex points, imbalances and blockages may be detected and released, restoring the free flow of energy to the whole body thus helping to reduce the physical stress and give relief to a wide range of illnesses.

Reflexology can help to improve circulation, release unwanted toxins from the body, revitalize energy, reduce stress and induce deep relaxation therefore promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

Indian Head Massage - the back, shoulders, neck, arms, face and scalp are involved in this treatment. Its ideal for treating tension, sinus trouble and tension headaches. Helps with relaxation and generates an awesome sense of well-being. Although no oil is used during the scalp massage, it would be advisable that you realise that your hair may get a little messed up but nothing major and a quick brush and polish would resolve! It is also advisable not to wear makeup or wear the minimum amount.

Sarah's open for appointments (ladies only) and available on 07952 803 251 - Sarah will accommodate local home visits and also has appointments within H2O Nail and Beauty Salon on Market Street in Hyde Cheshire (0161 366 1317).

I wish Sarah all the very best with her new business and please give her your full support and no crank calls please!

Make Good Choices

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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