Friday, January 05, 2007

You Can Call Me Al

Hello There My Fellow "Kyotoers"! N.B. This is partly a Skit and if you follow the link its sadly very poor reflection of some attitudes to the serious issues that we face!!

Renegade Glaciers Attacking As Al Gore Warned

By Ron Chusid
Posted on Sat Dec 30th, 2006 at 03:42:24 PM EST

Cross posted from Liberal Values:

Reuters reports on a huge ice shelf breaking free in northern Canada:

A chunk of ice bigger than the area of Manhattan broke from an ice shelf in Canada's far north and could wreak havoc if it starts to float westward toward oil-drilling regions and shipping lanes next summer, a researcher said on Friday.

Global warming could be one cause of the break of the Ayles Ice Shelf at Ellesmere Island, which occurred in the summer of 2005 but was only detected recently by satellite photos, said Luke Copland, assistant professor at the University of Ottawa's geography department.

It's sad when a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live is more accurate about global warming than the Bush White House. Al Gore warned us about "renegade glaciers" which are "on the attack."

Make Good Choices People!
From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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