Friday, January 05, 2007

Berlin Elephants

Hello There My Friends,

With Twelfth Night almost upon us, it is time to put away the baubles and tinsel for another year.

In the UK its estimated that we will discard around 6 million Christmas trees this weekend - staggering!

Another statistic is that an extra 750 million bottles are utilised over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Good news is that the following companies are in partnership with a number of charities including The Woodland Trust and are encouraging us to recycle our old Christmas cards - please do so or alternatively take off the backs, give them to Tesco/TK Maxx/WH Smiths or other participating outlets or the local recycling bins, and save the picture fronts for use as gift tags next Christmas. This is something my Auntie Joan has done for Christmas and birthday presents for years now. Brilliant !!

TK Maxx
WH Smiths

I know we cannot feed card, glass or plastic to animals but wouldn't it be great if the Zoos and National Parks in the UK took a tip from their counterparts in Berlin, Germany and ensure all the decorations and anything harmful is removed and then feed the Christmas trees as a treat to the elephants. According to the BBC, elephants are particularly impartial to such a feast?

I recently adopted a monkey at Chester Zoo for Sean as part of his Christmas present - and gave a donation to the Zoo too. Its a cool idea and you can visit the animal you adopt and speak to the keepers etc - fabulous idea for kids of all ages (!)

Enjoy your weekend and please don't forget to recycle, recycle, recycle !!

As my good American friend Mandishka says "Make Good Choices"

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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