Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barack Obama

Hello My Friends,

I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. I don't know if any of you follow the USA Election trail but it would appear that a newcomer has announced his intention to run for Presidency alongside Hillary and Rudy.

Barack Obama is an Illinois civil rights lawyer and Senator who seems to talk more sense than most of us have heard about how politics in the States (and possibly here in the UK too) could and should be operated.

He openly admits that he is new to the ways of Washington - and says that perhaps that is a good thing as he can look at things objectively and not be brainwashed or tainted by the current regime and processes.

I have watched Barack's campaign speech and found it very impressive and I was particularly touched by his humbleness and his honesty and that he passionately believes that his country can change and people can make a difference which is after all the issue that is right at the heart of a democratic process.

I will watch Barack's progress with interest and I like this man's principles and his approach to the issues that face Americans and also touch our lives here in the UK and in other countries too. I especially like Barack's attitude to the climate change issue and his advocacy of investing in new renewable and alternative energy technologies, ethanol included, and the priority to reduce CO2 emissions in the US and to ensure that they are amongst the leaders in the forefront to develop new technology and employment in these new, vitally important and emerging markets.

You could not get further away from Bush and his administration if you tried - and moving away from their influence and poor strategy (or non existant strategy where the environment is concerned) is truly about Making Good Choices!

From Your Friend The Energy Angel


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